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ISPS Retail is an active participant of BSCI.

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a business driven initiative for companies committed to improve working conditions in the global supply chain.

The BSCI unites hundreds of companies around one common Code of Conduct and supports them in their efforts towards building an ethical supply chain by providing them with a step by step development oriented system, applicable to all sectors and all sourcing countries.

The system is based on three pillars: monitoring of non-compliances by external independent audits, empowering of supply chains´ actors through various capacity building activities and engagement with all relevant stakeholders via constructive dialogue in Europe and in supplying countries.

The BSCI is a fast growing initiative open to retailers, importers, brands and manufacturers.

The initiative gathers more than 600 companies worldwide, involved in importing all types of goods, from clothing to electronics to food products.

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